We’re an innovative, dedicated & passionate team of professionals

CCSG has been providing customised software solutions for enterprise risk management for more than 25 years. We’re an innovative, dedicated and passionate team of software developers and risk management professionals with decades of experience between us, which means we have exceptional knowledge and insight of different risk management environments.

“Software designed & developed in the UK – supplied & supported through global partnership.”


Excellent service, collaboration and forward-thinking leadership

CCSG was born out of a need to provide bespoke security solutions to one of the UK’s leading retailers. We’ve continued to grow our offering by working closely with our clients in the UK and internationally to develop tools that respond to changing environments. Excellent service, collaboration and forward-thinking has always been at the heart of what we do.


We ensure quality services for our clients

Everything we do is focused on maximising your ROI – not just for loss prevention, but across your entire business. We take the time to understand our customers and their needs, developing our software so that it fully supports their business requirements. Our goal is always to ensure that our clients feel confident in the protection of their people, property and profits.

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We ensure quality services for our clients

Meet our experts

Sally Chamley
Head of Software Solutions

Sally is the Head of Software Solutions and has over 20 years of commercial experience maximising client revenue through software deployment and business transformation. She has a deep understanding of client disciplines, business process management and big data solutions that reduce risk.

Flexible and collaborative, Sally bridges the gap between client commercial needs and technical design, leveraging complex client processes to deliver solutions that target and enhance risk reduction.

Adam Dudley
Head of Software Development

Adam is Head of Software Development and has 17 years of experience in the CCTV software industry. From inception, he has led the software build of CCTV and enterprise risk management solutions to actively reduce risk within a global retail player. 

With his unrivalled in-depth technical understanding of enterprise risk management, Adam excels at leading software build teams to deliver risk reduction solutions across multiple services.

Alan Wilson
Business Risk Manager

With over 23 years working in protection and risk management roles, Alan has extensive first-hand commercial experience protecting large retail areas with the TARGET platform. This experience, combined with his passion for technology, enables him to see precisely how TARGET can be best utilised within a client’s specific environment.

As Business Risk Manager, Alan has been integral in the successful rollout of thousands of TARGET locations across the world, providing user support, deployment advice and guidance on best practice. Alan ensures the TARGET platform keeps evolving to meet the changing demands of business shrink and management in general by staying in constant contact with clients, monitoring TARGET’s impact and advising on fraud, stock cash loss and non-compliance.

Andrew Massey
Deployment Manager

Andy is Deployment Manager and has 16 years of experience installing and configuring CCTV software platforms, including TARGET since its inception. More recently, he has been involved in assisting third-party integrators around the world.

With his background in delivering first-rate installations across thousands of locations, Andy has the on-site engineering experience and knowledge of CCTV systems to ensure the smoothest of deployments.


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