24/7 Automated Security System Healthchecks

We check the health and status of your CCTV systems so that issues and faults can be detected and resolved before they become a problem.

Detects issues automatically
Streamlines CCTV maintenance visits
Reduces CCTV system downtime

How does it work?

TARGET DISCOVERY works by connecting to your systems regularly to retrieve operational and diagnostic information.

Fault Detection

Fault Detection

Linking your CCTV camera into TARGET means any errors are flagged by our TARGET DISCOVERY software.

Connection issues
Unauthorised access
Camera failures
Recording faults
Image integrity
Time & date inaccuracy
Hard disk failures
Power problems

Email Alerts

Email Alerts

These then generate email alerts in real time to your operatives, ensuring swift action can be taken to rectify issues.

Status Reports

Status Reports

Status reports are then generated to build an archive of machine behaviour – helping your stakeholders remain in-the-know.

Key benefits of using TARGET DISCOVERY

Detects issues automatically
Reduces system downtime
Streamlines your maintenance visits
Reports daily system statuses
Provides a live web page view

24/7 peace of mind

TARGET DISCOVERY can remotely monitor the status of a multi-brand and multi-location system from anywhere in the world.

Download the latest TARGET DISCOVERY brochure here

24/7 Automated Security System Healthchecks.

Download the latest TARGET brochure here

Manufacturers we support

We work with many of the leading surveillance and POS equipment manufacturers, constantly integrating new models with our class-leading software solutions.

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