One unified fraud investigation platform.

By integrating with your estate-wide infrastructure and systems, TARGET detects, triggers and investigates the most complex of retail fraud cases.

No fraud priority ranking

Inefficient handling due to lack of automation when ranking fraud types.

False positive alerts

High volumes of false alerts and no ability to fine-tune event rules.

Inefficient investigations

Operators taking too long to investigate with low impact on shrink.

No integrated CCTV

Investigators need to navigate through multiple systems to locate correct footage.

Fraud blackspots

Limited integrations and lack of a centralised platform lead to blackspots.

Limited search capability

Existing tools are not powerful enough to spot complex fraud trends.

Disparate technology, rising fraud

Frustrated by the scale of fraud and not having the systems to react fast enough?

The pace of technological change and emergent fraud trends require the systems integration and workflows that most businesses do not have the time, or in-house resources to implement. Without the ability to access and analyse video footage, retailers risk hindering their own loss prevention events and getting left behind the curve.

Fight tomorrow’s fraud, today

Streamline the fight against fraud with a unified platform that is future-proof by design.

New technologies and advancements in Al are rapidly evolving, changing the game for investigations teams. Using a combination of machine learning (ML), and AI technology, TARGET focuses on high probability fraud, cutting down false positives and reducing shrink faster.

133 million

Square feet of retail space protected


CCTV cameras monitored


Protecting Tesco since 1997


Key benefits of TARGET Software.

A complete VMS Hub Investigation Solution, which utilises your existing security hardware to deliver live and retrospective investigations on one platform.

Advanced Smart Search

Synchronised Video Playback

Links Video to Investigation Cases

Live On-Screen Display from PoS/ANPR/Alarms

Camera to Security Device Association

Connect multiple security systems and utilise advanced query-based searches to identify outlier behaviour within complex fraud scenarios.

Create and link multiple search criteria across video, PoS transactional and ANPR data

Rank and sort suspicious transactional behaviour by exception

Dynamically search PoS Data Formats, imported as fields and columns

Rank operators by number of associated suspicious events

60+ built-in PoS fraud services, developed in partnership with leading retailers over 25 years, to detect all major, known retail PoS fraud and non-compliance.

12.2 million

Daily transactions analysed


PoS devices monitored

Configure Customised Alerts from any combination of security devices into one integrated dashboard and customise the event triggers using in-app SQL queries.

Staff Compliance Checks

Intruder Alarms

Suspicious PoS Transactions

Unauthorised Door Access

ANPR Drive-Off/Unknown Vehicles

Leverage AI-powered PoS live event alerts for enhanced retail protection against commonly occurring fraud events.

By combining CCTV and PoS Transaction Data, TARGET uses the latest AI technology to hone in on complex retail fraud.

Speed up investigations by over 70% with TARGET’s AI-powered object recognition. Remove false positives and require less human intervention for each case as TARGET learns.

Object recognition

People detection

Vehicle detection

Enforce staff procedures

Automate audits and compliance

Automate workflows based on detection


Take advantage of 150+ risk blueprints with TARGET Services.

A key component of the platform is TARGET Services, which provides access to a growing library of risk blueprints and workflows that can be applied out-of-the-box to your retail estates.

Fraud Detection


  • POS, CCTV & Alarms
  • Powerful Search
  • Machine Learning
Built-in Risk Profiles


  • Operational Integration
  • Measurable Results
  • Quick Deployment
Centralised Reporting


  • Hub Management
  • Shrink Investigations
  • Exceptional Handling
Case Tracking & Creation


  • Connects Hub to Stores
  • Fast Case Creation
  • Investigation Management
CCTV Health Checks


  • 24/7 CCTV System Monitoring
  • Fault Detection Reports
  • Live Web View