150+ operational risk blueprints to combat complex retail fraud.

Detect fraud, protect assets and manage loss prevention with TARGET Services, an ever-expanding catalogue of 150+ pre-defined operational risk blueprints.

Staying ahead of invisible and continuously evolving fraud tactics feels impossible.

No unified fraud platform or operational approach exists across departments, stores and hubs.

Introducing new fraud-combating mechanisms takes too long to deliver a meaningful impact.

Deploying investigation resources with trackable ROI is failing.

Departmental workflows have become outdated due to changes in technology and fraud tactics.

Business obstacles, policies and compliance are getting in the way of implementing corrective action.

MAKE FRAUD measurable

Is retail fraud and shrinkage consuming your business?

With continuously evolving threats to your business, it can sometimes feel this way. A lack of common understanding and measurability across loss prevention teams leads to slow change management at a time when you need the agility to combat escalating fraud.

Meet your Fraud adviser

Tackle the challenges of advanced fraud and retail loss with TARGET Services.

TARGET Services seeks not only to uncover hidden fraud and shrink, but also to empower your business and employees. We’ve transferred decades of knowledge, industry experience and investigation workflows into a comprehensive library of risk profiles, providing a consistent blueprint for detecting and combating fraud.

Stay in-the-know on evolving risk tactics with our constantly advancing risk catalogue.

Reduce your learning curve with 150+ predefined risks and reduce shrink from day 1.

Increase employee engagement with clear workflows, e-learning and consultative training programmes.

Empower your managers to deploy the right resources and combat priority risks with our structured ROI tracking.

Talk the same language and unify your approach across departments and management levels with our easy-to-follow workflows.

Take a systematic approach to policies and compliance, such as GDPR, with our built-in knowledge and evolving templates.

Practical and Prompt Protection

Out-of-the-box loss prevention strategy.

TARGET Services acts as a trusted adviser, whose services are immediately useable out-of-the-box, with workflows which evolve continuously to address the changing loss prevention needs of modern retail estates.

centralise and quantify AP/LP

Empowering estates with unified risk management.

With a library of over 150+ predefined operational risk blueprints, TARGET Services empowers your estates and their leaders with a unified, end-to-end and ever-evolving approach to managing risk, predicting insights and stopping fraud.

Fraud Detection


  • POS, CCTV & Alarms
  • Powerful Search
  • Machine Learning
Built-in Risk Profiles


  • Operational Integration
  • Measurable Results
  • Quick Deployment
Centralised Reporting


  • Hub Management
  • Shrink Investigations
  • Exceptional Handling
Case Tracking & Creation


  • Connects Hub to Stores
  • Fast Case Creation
  • Investigation Management
CCTV Health Checks


  • 24/7 CCTV System Monitoring
  • Fault Detection Reports
  • Live Web View

Let TARGET help you predict shrink and close the door on fraud.

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