Channel Partner Programme

Our development teams are experts in the challenges of enterprise risk management, specialising in retail fraud prevention for over 25 years collaborating with one of the largest global retailers.

25 years OF Experience
Deployed in 7 countries
Translated into 6 languages
PARTNER opportunities

Mutual & Collaborative

We seek partners with similar growth aspirations who can share in our demand generation internationally and here in the UK. We foster a level of commitment beyond sales partnership by providing unparalleled access to TARGET R&D, which helps to drive innovation.

Territory Protection

You will be granted the right to exclusively service customers within a geographical region.


Partner with us to receive the highest levels of discounts available.

Co-op credits

Become a reseller to earn credits that can be used to help drive sales pipeline growth.

TARGET Partner Portal

A single, online hub to access resources, tools and services for TARGET partners.

Customer Support

If you need support or have any questions our help centre is always open.

Growth Opportunities

We'll help you grow your business supporting you every step of the way.

WHY partner with us

Grow Your TARGET Business

By delivering innovation on a standardised platform, we simplify all aspects of your business including sales, service, training and support. Our model allows you to strengthen your portfolio proposition rapidly whilst focussing on your relationships and potential new markets.


TARGET Partner Portal (TPP)

Available to our partners at all stages of the sales & implementation lifecycle is the TARGET Partner Portal (TPP) so you can get the knowledge and tools you need to win, grow and support your TARGET customers.

PERKS and support

Our Programme Tiers

As our partnership grows, your business will profit from more sales, bringing with it additional perks and support.

Move from Certified to Elite, and then to Unified Elite, based on your sales volume, training certifications and other regional requirements.

Become a Partner