Counteract fraud with TARGET Insight’s intelligent dashboards.

TARGET Insight arms central loss prevention teams with a fast tool to deploy agile shrink protection plans and direct hub activity.

Disconnected stores not connected to one central fraud platform.

Investigation data in disparate systems and no central reporting.

Trying to analyse fraud and loss using spreadsheets or systems not built for the job.

Hard to keep track of individual store performance across multiple high-shrink stores.

Hard to target and keep watch of prolific offenders, actions taken and outcomes.

No visibility of what is working to prevent shrink and no ability to spot patterns of rising fraud.

Fragmented systems analysis

Locate the missing pieces of your shrink puzzle.

In large retail chains, shrink is sizeable, with some large retailers recording numbers into the hundreds of millions. It’s a big number to tackle! Multiple stores dealing with multiple types of fraud. A consistent approach across all stores is necessary to make a big enough impact to shrink. Inconsistent methods, disparate systems and lack of measurability can restrict shrink reduction.


TARGET Insight lets you see the full picture and tells your team the whole story.

Enterprise level dashboards deliver a 360-degree view of where to focus your risk management across multiple stores and multiple risks. TARGET Insight ties together discrete events that seem innocent but, when presented together, can indicate hidden losses or uncover emerging frauds.

Deploy effective action to reduce shrink by knowing which TARGET Services confer optimal net gain on shrink.

Using retrospective reporting by exception, TARGET Insight prioritises and highlights unusual behaviour first. It then employs powerful machine learning and analytics to refine detection and hit rates.

TARGET Insight allows you to focus teams into segments focused on fraud type, prevalence and risk by using outcome-driven hub team reporting.

Investigation handling reporting enables deployment of resources with precision and targeted intent.

TARGET Insight provides customisable event-based triggers and reporting on key metrics such as; staff retraining, warnings issued or dismissals.

Know where your investigation workflows are stifling productivity. Deliver the most relevant training according to the needs of your distributed teams. Uncover recurrent knowledge gaps and missed training opportunities.

With TARGET Insight’s Centralised User Management & Permissions, you have unparalleled control over access and authority.

Enterprise single sign-on (SSO) ensures seamless and secure authentication across your network.

Accurate. Intelligent. Robust.

Regain control over your business analysis with TARGET Insight.

There’s no time like the present to put dashboards on your ‘done’ list. Reach out to us for a personalised demonstration of how TARGET Insight’s powerful reporting capabilities can return your business analysis and reporting from a ‘cost-of-doing business’ to loss prevention success stories.

Fraud Detection


  • POS, CCTV & Alarms
  • Powerful Search
  • Machine Learning
Built-in Risk Profiles


  • Operational Integration
  • Measurable Results
  • Quick Deployment
Centralised Reporting


  • Hub Management
  • Shrink Investigations
  • Exceptional Handling
Case Tracking & Creation


  • Connects Hub to Stores
  • Fast Case Creation
  • Investigation Management
CCTV Health Checks


  • 24/7 CCTV System Monitoring
  • Fault Detection Reports
  • Live Web View