What is Target Insight?

Corporate level dashboards & reports

TARGET INSIGHT is a web-based application which aggregates the data from multiple TARGET sites, providing management level dashboards and in-depth reports on risks and other data such as health and safety, people counting and queue management.

Why Use Target Insight?

Software Management and Reporting Platform

With TARGET INSIGHT, you can have unrivalled visibility of the types and magnitude of risks to your business, rapidly identifying trends and gaining insight into staff performance, actions and reactions.

Corporate-level dashboards
In-depth reports
Incident response
Available in multiple languages
Intuitive risk-level dashboards
Rapid risk protection deployment
Remote software rollout ability
Staff performance monitoring
Store-level performance analysis
E-Learning platform
Discover what’s possible

TARGET INSIGHT puts you in control, whether you need high-level information or need to drill down to the details of a specific risk. It’s also a training portal which administers all the e-Learning material needed to support your staff.

How it works

Visibility of factual data

TARGET INSIGHT continually runs a complex set of processes which evaluates your data and status levels across all your TARGET-enabled sites. It also manages the reporting, software update and re-licensing for all TARGET software across your business.


Be in control of all your business risks, systems and more

Store Systems

  • Intruder alarms

  • Access control

  • PoS data
Store Safety
  • Slip, trip and fall claims

  • Out-of-hours activity

  • Lone worker safety

  • Mitigate reputational damage
Process Compliance
  • Process failure

  • Opening hours

  • Process checks

  • Age verification checks
Business Intelligence
  • People counting

  • Customer journey analysis

  • Signage

  • Daily routine management

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