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Making workflows elementary? TARGET V5.10 is on the case.

This release brings with it multiple enhancements to case management with a particular focus on improving hub team workflows. Multiple feature additions improve data accuracy, enable more efficient case management, and encourage collaborative working. In addition to this, we have introduced a brand-new tool to assist in uncovering problematic operator behaviours as well as expanded support for Hanwha alarms and other supported devices.

CaseView – Streamlined Multi-Site Support

Anywhere, anytime case management: This feature allows for the creation and management of cases across all user-assigned sites, even those without a direct connection. It’s a game-changer for remote case handling, offering unprecedented flexibility and efficiency using an Insight login.

CaseView – Case Creation Improvements

Guided case building: The new configuration options in CaseView ensure that every case is built with the necessary detail and consistency, streamlining the case creation process.

CaseView – Assign Cases to Other Users or Entities

Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency: Easily assign cases to users or entities within your network, streamlining workflows and reducing communication bottlenecks.

CaseView – Task Assignment

Task-Driven Workflow Interface: This feature introduces a more structured approach to case management, allowing teams to track and manage cases more effectively.

TARGET – Operator Interest Level

Focused Fraud Detection: By scoring and ranking operators based on a history of adverse or potentially suspicious activities, this feature allows for more targeted and efficient fraud investigations.

Devices: Hanwha Alarms Support

Advanced Security Features: The integration of various alarm types into the TARGET Hanwha device driver enhances the overall security and monitoring capabilities of the platform.

TARGET V5.10 is more than just an update; it’s a release built to foster collaborative casework with a focus on efficiency and accuracy.

Upgrading is both easy and free. Simply contact the CCSG support desk on +44 (0) 20 7841 3888 to upgrade. We’re always here to help you protect your business, get the most out of TARGET and Find Fraud Fast.

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