Retail Risk Management with TARGET Platform.

Manufacturer-agnostic video investigation platform that combines your integrated security systems, PoS and loss-prevention processes with our industry knowledge and experience, to help reduce shrinkage.

Customer theft

Organised gangs, point-of-sale fraud andshoplifting.

Employee theft

Staff collusion and internal fraud.

Cashier errors

Staff non-compliance and lack of training.

Fraudulent claims

Spurious health and safety claims.

Perimeter protection

Burglary, arson, vandalism, alarm activation and unauthorised access.

Attacks on staff

Verbal and physical threats and attacks on staff and customers.

Unmanageable Competing Priorities

Overwhelmed by the sheer scale of risks and fraud in your business?

Retailers are constantly looking for new ways for customers to shop and pay. This has opened up a multitude of theft and fraud opportunities for criminals. Add to this the challenge of continually having to do more with less security budget to protect your stock and money, as well as increasing incidents of aggression and verbal abuse towards staff, and before you know it these sorts of problems can easily spiral out of control.

Shrink Versus Profit Conundrum

Struggling to keep shrinkage under control?

As the economy contracts and shrinkage rises, retailers are turning to more cost-effective solutions in fighting fraud. Leveraging existing security technology and new IT innovations to catch fraud could make the difference to next year’s bottom line.


TARGET Platform will make your security systems, people and processes work smarter.

We have used our 25 years of global experience to create an industry-leading portfolio of loss-prevention products designed to give enterprise-level retailers the best tools to detect and manage shrinkage across an entire estate.


Combines CCTV and synchronised search analytics across multiple retail PoS systems.

25 years of active service

25 years of development within leading global retailers.

Unified platform

Encompasses fraud detection, investigation and case management, all in one software platform.


Reduces case volume, improves investigation outcomes and reduces overheads.

Built-in GDPR compliance

Fraud detection, investigation and case management in one software platform.

150 built-in services

Combats fraud with over 150 built-in risk and fraud detection services with proven ROI per service.

Operational integration

Operationally integrates into processes across store-level and centralised hub investigations.

Customised investigation processes

Highlights suspicious staff and enables you to build solid cases.

Machine learning

Monitors abnormal behaviour and identifies patterns – powered by machine learning (ML).

Fraud Detection


  • POS, CCTV & Alarms
  • Powerful Search
  • Machine Learning
Built-in Risk Profiles


  • Operational Integration
  • Measurable Results
  • Quick Deployment
Centralised Reporting


  • Hub Management
  • Shrink Investigations
  • Exceptional Handling
Case Tracking & Creation


  • Connects Hub to Stores
  • Fast Case Creation
  • Investigation Management
CCTV Health Checks


  • 24/7 CCTV System Monitoring
  • Fault Detection Reports
  • Live Web View
Device-Agnostic Platform

Leverage your existing technology with TARGET

TARGET Platform is a unique solution that is device-agnostic and can operate seamlessly across IP, analogue and hybrid CCTV systems. This eliminates the need to replace expensive equipment and provides businesses with greater flexibility and compatibility.

  • Disparate Systems

Start saving money with our unified platform.

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