Customer Support Team

Sally Chamley
Product Lead

Software product-to-market lead with over 20 years’ commercial experience in maximising customer revenue through software deployment and business transformation. Has a deep understanding of customer disciplines, business process management and big data solutions to reduce risk.

Flexible and collaborative with the ability to leverage complex customer processes to deliver solutions that target and enhance risk reduction. Bridges the gap between client commercial need and technical design.

Alan Wilson
Business Risk Manager

With over 23 years in protection and risk management roles, Alan has extensive first-hand commercial experience of protecting large retail areas with the TARGET platform. This, combined with a passion for technology enables him to see exactly how TARGET can be best utilised within a customer’s environment.

Providing both user support, deployment advice and best practice, backed by successful rollouts of 1000’s of TARGET locations across the world, he is available to keep in constant contact, ensure the TARGET platform evolves to meet your changing demands and that of business shrink and management in general; monitoring the impact to our customers and advises them on fraud, stock cash loss and non-compliance.

Ryan Armstrong
Design Solutions Executive

With 13 years’ experience of understanding requirements, expectations and identifying business risks for a diverse range of clients in multiple market verticals. Designing bespoke mitigation methods through commercially competitive, tailored security solutions compliant to national and international standards and regulations, offering clients the greatest return on investment.

Possessing a solid understanding of manufacturer products and integrated solutions, ranging from physical security installations, electronic detection and identification systems, through to sophisticated wired and wireless communication networks.


Software Support Team

UK Software Support Manager

Warren has over 28 years’ experience in supporting and deploying CCTV software platforms and has been a key member of the TARGET team since inception.

Focusing on system reliability, network security, software and hardware his attention to detail enables great stability for the company’s products across a wide range of diverse client deployments.

Lapat Tantipathananandh
Technical Support Manager

Software support manager with more than 10 years of B2B software support. Possession of excellent computer knowledge including programming, SQL and IT Networking exacting speedy resolutions to any problems with enthusiasm.

This, with a passion for maintaining and improving customer satisfaction and focus on the delivery of technical solutions to meet the needs of customers.

Andrew Massey
Deployment Manager

Andy has been installing and configuring CCTV software platforms including TARGET since its inception for the past 16 years and more recently by assisting 3rd party integrators around the world.

Delivering first rate, monitored installations across 1000’s of sites. This combined with his on-site engineer experience and knowledge of CCTV systems ensures the smoothest of deliveries.

Thomas Cuttill
Apprentice Software Support Executive

Tom, assisting in most areas of software support and deployment, is the first line support channel for the company’s software products.


Software Development Team

Adam Dudley
Software Development Lead

Head of the software development team with 17 years’ experience in the CCTV software industry. Has a deep technical understanding of enterprise risk management having led the software build of CCTV and enterprise risk management solutions from inception to actively reduce risk within a global retail player.

Excels at leading software build teams to deliver risk reduction solutions across multiple services.

Mark Fullerton
Senior Software Development Engineer

Senior software engineer with over 16 years’ experience in the software industry. Has a deep technical understanding of CCTV platforms, POS systems and integrations having been a key member of the TARGET platform team since inception. Ready to assist with the most complex integrations across platforms and systems.

Excels at producing high quality software that meets the business needs of our customers.

Rory Murray
SQL & BI Developer

Senior SQL & BI developer with over 12 years’ experience. A specialist with proven results in designing, building and implementing secure end-to-end data solutions, optimised data warehouse builds, self-serve reporting platforms and third party data integrations.

Responsible for the availability and reliability of complex data from the thousands of systems deployed as part of the TARGET platform. Enabling customers to attain bespoke reporting solutions through Power BI and other leading technologies.

Chris Munro
Software Engineer

Dedicated to TARGET development and improvements with an excellent understanding of 3rd party camera APIs and SDKs. Specialist in integrating camera and VMS equipment for customers, whether it be existing customer equipment or customising one of our many existing integrations.

SQL & BI Developer

Primarily focussed on maintaining customer visibility of data through ETL processes and Power BI reporting including shared data set building. A specialist in SQL and Power BI, provides an essential service to customers operating BI within the TARGET platform or their own bespoke BI workspace.

Assists clients in building, enhancing and distributing BI reporting across their business.

Alex Johnson
Graduate Development Engineer

Focused on TARGET development with a history of integrating and using ML and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools across many situations. Assists the more senior developers in this specialist area.

Kevin Miller
Software Tester

Quality assurance test analyst with over 12 years’ testing experience across a number of sectors. Kevin has an appreciation of the needs of the customer and the end user and uses his knowledge to allow high quality testing to take place. The use of automation tools enables upgrades and improvements to the TARGET platform to be released at speed with the confidence.

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