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New integration, single user sign-on and enhanced audit tracking introduced in TARGET V5.8

Stronger security utilising the power of AI and centralised user management are two of the new benefits to be found in the release of TARGET V5.8 software from CCSG.

AI-Powered Perimeter Protection

A. I. Tech integration revolutionises your perimeter protection. By incorporating AI person detection into your Hanwha Thermal camera system, you gain an intelligent shield that dramatically reduces false positives and speeds up the investigation process.

Single User Sign-On (SSO)

Single user sign-on (SSO) is a software authentication process that allows users to access multiple TARGET applications or sites, using a single set of login credentials. Benefits include enhanced security with stronger authentication methods, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA). By centralising the authentication and authorisation processes, TARGET customers can control user access and implement security policies more consistently across all applications. It also simplifies administrative tasks, such as creating user accounts, managing access privileges and enforcing security policies.

Additional Event Audits

TARGET V5.8, every event action and modification is audited and tracked, ensuring complete transparency and accountability. All audits are on a separate system to prevent any malicious or accidental tampering. With the ‘Event History’ tab, users can easily view a comprehensive log of all changes made to an event or any related aspects. All this enhances security, helps users comply with data protection legislation, including the UK GDPR, and provides a complete audit picture of users, actions and data associated with an event.

Hikvision Multi-Rules VCA Support

Another enhancement in V5.8 is the provision of multiple rules for line crossing and intrusion detection alarms for the Hikvision device driver, plus an update of the Hikvision alarm settings page, allowing engineers to specify the rule number for these alarm types.

TARGET Insight API Update

Also new is the ability to link video devices to events using the TARGET API or ‘Insight’ messages. Previously, only the IP address could be specified. This feature takes management of events to a new level, boosting your review process efficiency and tracking capabilities by over 75%.

Dark Mode Enhancement

Finally, a Dark Mode enhancement – accessible from the status bar and covering all user areas – provides more comfort, greater productivity and less eye strain during extended use.

Our software is always evolving to meet the needs of our customers. If you’re not already using TARGET, book a demo or email us at to find out more and experience its benefits firsthand.

If you’re already a TARGET customer, upgrading to TARGET V5.8 is both easy and free. We’re always here to help you protect your business, get the most out of TARGET, and Find Fraud Fast.

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