How TARGET Works

Monitor & prioritise the right tasks at the right time

TARGET will pinpoint and alert your risk management teams when and where suspicious events are occurring, enabling them to proactively review and manage incidents, both in real-time and retrospectively.

TARGET integrates with your existing systems.
TARGET automatically detects and alerts you to risks within your business.
TARGET provides valuable data and intelligence on which to take appropriate action.
Our support service includes a helpdesk to ensure your business is fully supported.
Integrated POS data
Integrated video analytics
Live alerting on till data
Video management system
Investigation management
Training and e-Learning
The most complete
solution to manage your
business risks

By taking the time to understand your business as well as your needs, we can ensure that our efforts fully support your business requirements.


What we call ‘exceptional event’ handling is part of our retail sector services

The integration of TARGET with PoS data means you can run bespoke queries to identify multi-transactional risks. Using this data and synchronising it with in-store video and individual receipt items, events are triggered when an activity such as a void item occurs.

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