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CCSG Presents at Retail Risk Leicester 2022

CCSG – the makers of TARGET – attended Retail Risk Leicester 2022, one of the superb series of international conferences that unites retailers with industry experts to explore all things risk and loss prevention.

The conference welcomed countless retail security professionals for a day of sharing, presenting and networking, followed by a night of celebrating industry standouts at the annual Fraud Awards.

CCSG took the opportunity to demonstrate the latest, most powerful version of TARGET, the loss-prevention software, and gave existing and future customers an opportunity to learn more from the experts who built it. The event also presented a chance for CCSG to discuss the current state of the industry and the unprecedented challenges and opportunities we all face.

Our Head of Development, Adam Dudley, made two appearances at the event. During the day, he hosted a roundtable session focussed on retail fraud, where he welcomed Tony Edmonds, Project Manager in the Shrinkage Transformation Team for Tesco. It was a fantastic opportunity for the pair to answer questions, discuss their experiences and share their expertise while attendees got to learn from some leading loss-prevention professionals.

After the exhibition, Adam was honoured to present an award at the dazzling Fraud Awards. Other CCSG team members were also present, cheering on the nominees and celebrating another successful year in loss prevention. It was a fantastic evening and a huge congratulations to all the well-deserved winners.

Retail Risk is an event that goes from strength to strength, and its value to the industry cannot be overstated. Our software gurus appreciate any opportunity they get to guide others on their loss-prevention journey, and we want to thank those who took the time to see us at the event.