Scheduled delivery management platform that drives loading bay efficiency

AUTOBAY is a SaaS platform for managing deliveries within high-use, multi-tenant sites where loading bay space is at a premium.

Restricted unloading

Insufficient time allocated for offloading large deliveries.

Delivery overstays

Drivers staying too long in bays required for the next delivery.

Congested bays

Pressure mounts during peak hours when multiple drivers arrive simultaneously.

Unscheduled deliveries

Tenants arranging their own times for deliveries without prior booking or notification.

Security risks

Unauthorised vehicle access and unknown drivers with no booking.

Lack of process

Leading to disorder and tenant/driver disputes.

Do these issues sound familiar?

Too many deliveries, limited loading bays, no system to manage it?

Commercial and residential sites in urban locations share a common issue: optimising vehicle access.

Faster delivery bay operations

Improvement in on-site vehicle movements

Reduction in time spent managing bookings

Reduction in CO2 for waiting and idling vehicles

high-traffic multi-site delivery solution

Restore order to chaotic loading bay schedules with AUTOBAY’s interactive event tracking

We understand the crucial importance for facilities managers to maintain efficient traffic flow within their developments. Our development team has collaborated with prominent inner-city property developers and group facility managers to create a comprehensive loading bay solution. Scroll down to see how AUTOBAY finds the “logic” in “logistics”.

Bespoke to the number and type of your loading bays

A customisable solution tailored to your specific loading bay needs, offering rapid setup within 14 days and straightforward operation requiring just one day of on-site training.

Intuitive workflows that save time

Easy-to-use booking calendars, time slots per bay, vehicle-type customisations and offloading logistics combine to remove complexity for front-facing facilities staff.

Real-time notifications

Customisable e-mail templates

Booking confirmations

Delivery status notifications

Happy suppliers, happier tenants

Seamless co-ordination of driver and supplier relationships

Prevents overstays with timed arrival and exit per slot

Allows drivers to view and book their delivery slot online via tablet or mobile

Universal access

Globally available cloud-hosted platform

Works on any laptop, tablet or mobile

Accessible from anywhere, to remotely manage in real-time

Customised and white-labelled to your own domain

Future-proof by design

Highly adaptable and continuously developed, AUTOBAY is designed to scale to even the most demanding of delivery schedules.

Security & peace of mind

ANPR integration for pre-authorised vehicle access and bookings

Manage portfolios of any scale, whether that’s one site, or hundreds

Reporting by users, bookings, suppliers, and full audit logs


The scheduled delivery management solution for every sector







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