Enterprise Risk Management Software

TARGET is a fully customisable software platform offering a comprehensive way of protecting your business, while managing an efficient workforce.

133 million
Square feet of retail space protected
19 million
Daily transactions analysed
PoS devices monitored

It’s not just about leading-edge technology

TARGET is a dedicated service providing long-term support and backup, with a service ethos forged through partnerships with leading global retailers for more than 25 years. The installation of the software is just the start of our business relationship.


We are here to help you manage current and emerging risks for the long term

By integrating TARGET with your existing security and store systems, you are provided with a unified platform connecting your people, processes and systems to help you identify, manage and reduce risk.

KEY Benefits

Benefits of Using TARGET

TARGET is a platform which gives you measurable ROI in key areas such as fraud and non-compliance.


Configured for your business
needs and structure.


Efficient loss prevention management to maximise your ROI.


Automated and proactive process enables deployment of human resources where they are most needed.


Continuously developed to
support new and evolving risks.

Flexible Architecture

Can operate at single and multi-site
levels, with options to deploy internationally.


Every service we provide is
measurable and can be reported on.

“It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for.”

Complete risk management

Although TARGET provides you with a comprehensive solution to managing loss prevention at the point of sale, its benefits extend far beyond that. These are just some of the benefits:

Open fire door alerts
Restricted area trespassing
Health and safety compliance
Risk reduction & people counting
Staff training support
Integration with supply chain functions
Download the latest TARGET brochure here

Download the latest TARGET brochure here


We are not just another software supplier

Excellent service is at the heart of what we do, and is equally as important as the leading software we provide. Our service to you includes a responsive help desk, fault-logging portal, fully validated e-learning suite, user forum to share tips, and our commitment to train your staff until you are satisfied your teams are able to use TARGET intuitively and to its full potential.

Our centrally managed software offers scheduled automated deployments and updates, delivered remotely.

How TARGET works

Book a demo to see our software in action

A demo of TARGET, our industry-leading risk management software, provides a summary of the key features and functions it has to offer. Book a demo today to see how TARGET can help your business manage risk and protect its assets.

What you can expect from a demo with CCSG:

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